Thank You all for attending and participating in the Supported show.
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Critique from Sweeps Judge

I totally enjoyed this assignment and the friendly exhibitors.
I have always believed that to get to know a new breed it is vital to be able to examine dogs of that breed. 
I found various textures of coat that varied from the standard.  Some entries were too heavy for their age.  Keeping in mind that this is a swimming breed, I felt that an athletic animal is very important.  I found that the top lines were in keeping with the standard and heads showed various "types". in keeping with the overall structure of the dogs.  The movement of the entries, I felt was very good and my best in sweeps had the most efficient movement - side and coming and going.  I was impressed with the ease of movement that most of the dogs demonstrated.  The height of the dog and bitches were also within the standard.  Michael Sosne