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The MCBRC recommends that all breeding dogs be OFA, CERF & free of hereditary diseases. The club does not endorse any one breeder, nor is it liable in any way. The absence of OFA & CERF numbers indicates to the breeder or buyer that he should inquire as to the condition of hips and/or eyes. The buyer should always ask about a contract & guarantees. It is the responsibility of the buyer to research the breeder and their dogs.

Members of the MCBRC, who are in good standing, may advertise as follows: Breeder & Stud ads are $10.00 per year.  Fee for Breeder & Stud ads are payable by January 31st and will run for one year. Older Dog & Litter ads are $10.00 per dog/litter and limited to 6 months. Send ad information or questions to  Make checks payable to MCBRC. When fee is received by Treasurer, ad will be inserted in it's appropriate area. 

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Services Provided by Breeders (P) Puppies (S) Stud (A) Adults
listed in alphabetical order by Kennel Name

Irish's Clover Leaf Kennel

Gary & Dorene Irish

Mount Morris, MI

 P, S

Clearances: OFA, CERF, PRA, DM, 
Guarantee: hips, eyes, health, Puppies Vet Checked
Activities: Hunt, Show, Hunt Tests, Obedience, Pets,
Companions, Dock Diving, and Law Enforcement, Service Dogs 

NorthWyn, Reg'd.
RaineyDay Kennels

Maggie Fisher

 P, S 

Clearances: OFA-hips/elbows, CERF, PRA, DM, EIC,
Cardiac & Thyroid
Guarantee: hips, eyes, health
ActivitiesHunt, Show, Event Competitors, Hunt Tests, Obedience, Pets, Service Dogs & Companions  

 Shiloh Ridge Retrievers (SRR)

 Cindy & Gary Franklin

 Shelby Twp, MI

 586-254-5475 or 586-295-7113 

 P, S

 Clearances: OFA-hips/elbows, CERF, PRA, DM, EIC,Cardiac

 Guarantee: hips, eyes, health, Puppies Vet Checked

 Activities: Hunt, Show, Event Competitors, Hunt Tests, Obedience, Pets,  Service Dogs & Companions


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